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Iza Banja Beach detail
Iza Banja Beach detail
Our purpose with the creation of the page is to collect as much information as possible about this popular resort town of the Zadar Riviera, Sveti Filip i Jakov. The history of the place, known to locals as Filipjakov, goes back several centuries. Following the ancient Roman era the first permanent settlement here was Rogovo, located quite deeply into the mainland around St. Rochus' Church (Sv. Roko). The first sign of settling towards the Adriatic coast was the build up of the small Sv. Filip i Jakov Church in the 12th century. A settlement with that name comes up in written sources in the 15th c. The walls to defend the town from the Turkish Empire, today's old town, were erected during the 16-17th centuries.

Entrance to the old town
Entrance to the old town
Sveti Filip i Jakov offers two beaches to its vacationers and visitors. Similarly to other resorts in Croatia and Dalmatia, these two beaches are gravel, too. Out of the two beaches, due to its developed and well maintained nature, Iza Banja Beach is recommended. The quality of the beach has been acknowledged by the International Blue Flag committee, who has awarded the blue flag to Iza Banja every year since 2008. The other beach, the beach of the Croatia Resort is less maintained.

There are several types of accommodation to choose from in Sv. Filip i Jakov. Besides the Adriatic's typical apartment buildings and villas the town offers two small hotels (Alba, Vila Donat), two resorts (Croatia, Margarita Maris) and quite a few campsites (Međine, Filip, Moče, Rio, Đardin, Adria, Livade, Barbaroša) - most of the campsites stand in a row along Iza Banja Beach.

Sveti Filip i Jakov has a plenty of services and infrastructure. On top of smaller grocery stores the place has a Konzum supermarket, bakery, newsstand, bank (Splitska Banka), post office, doctor's office, drugstore, beauty shop and cinema.

The one-day boat trips to Kornati Islands and Telašćica Park of Nature are offered seven days a week during the season. There is even a sailing school offering its courses and one can rent small and big boats, bicycles on the riva. Sv. Filip i Jakov has fields and courts for soccer, basketball, volleyball.

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